“The Secret To Getting Ahead is Getting Started” Mark Twain

My Blueprint

I have a double honours degree in Journalism from the University of Kings College in Halifax, Nova Scotia and am a certified ACC Coach with the ICF (International Coach Federation), having studied with Coach U based in the United States. I'm also one of only two, certified Learning in Action EQ Facilitator's in Spain, where I'm able to to assess and analyze Emotional Intelligence Competencies.


In addition to my work as a Life and Executive Coach, I have a background in public speaking coming in 2nd place in Canada for the nationwide competition and I also co-host Barcelona's first English speaking radio show, which airs every Friday morning. 


I’ve been coaching from a young age. I hosted and produced my own two-hour talk radio show in the Fiji Islands, dedicated to giving people career and relationship advice. I worked as the Executive producer of The Good Life Show, an internationally syndicated lifestyle and wellness satellite radio show based out of New York City. I wrote my own advice column in a Toronto newspaper and wrote a weekly editorial in a Barcelona-based magazine offering relationship guidance to single locals.


Prior to becoming a coach, I worked as a journalist, and have lived in Ghana, Argentina, Ireland, Lebanon, Canada, Fiji and Spain. I also managed and own a high-end, private, boutique touring company based in Barcelona. My international experiences have provided me with the practical know-how, open-minded perspective and fearlessness needed, in order to examine situations from various angles and uncover the root of what's holding you back. 


I truly believe that everything is possible. You just have to want it and go after it. Create a plan, take the necessary steps and decide that nothing is going to stand in your way.

Whether it’s a new personal endeavor, a trip, a job or industry change, sometimes we spend so much time planning, researching and deliberating that in the end we don’t do anything.


​You don’t always have to know exactly what you’re doing before taking that step. You just need to know that you WANT to take the leap. We are more resourceful than we give ourselves credit for. We are braver and more adaptable than we think. Sometimes we just need a bit of guidance in order to help to navigate through all of the information, options and opinions.


With me as your coach, you’ll get to the core of whatever it is that’s holding you back and above all, you'll feel empowered to take on new risks. I’ll listen to you, work with you, question you and challenge you to think critically and consider all aspects of the situation. Most importantly, I’ll help you to implement the tangible changes you want to make in your life.


I’ll encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and help you design and live the lifestyle you genuinely want. 


"More often than not we tend to think that we need to have it ‘all figured out’ before diving in."

I believe in action, actively creating and implementing the life you want to live; because no one else is going to do it for you. Having lived, worked and traveled all over the world, I’ve often found myself in situations where I ask myself, ‘what exactly am I doing here?’ Whether it’s teaching skiing in Argentina where I didn’t speak the language, hosting my own two-hour radio show when I’d never worked in a station before, or managing and growing a small tour company without a background in business, I’ve never shied away from an experience. 

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