Fearless Coaching Ignites Fierce Conversations While Delving into the Motivations Behind Our Actions

My clientele is international including executives, entrepreneurs, start-ups as well as small to medium sized companies. Here's what some of them have to say:

“My two years with Sam has made a huge positive impact on my professional and personal life. Due to my line of work in Humanitarian Aid, I move around a lot, barely staying in the same place for longer than five months. I love my job, but it came at a price of not being able to build a social or personal life, or life of any kind. I started working with Sam because I wanted to make a change from 100% humanitarian emergency work, to working at headquarters and staying put more often. For aid workers who have made this transition, we know it's not easy and can be a scary and discouraging time. Reintegration into a world that I haven't been a part of for the past six years, trading in sandals for heels and 15 hour days for the 9am-5pm routine, is a lot to take in and can be very intimidating. Sam made this transition possible for me. She has helped me work through my feelings and how to deal with the emotional roller coaster of readjusting. She has also helped me professionally, to revisit how I work in an office environment and to not feel so disconnected from my colleagues at headquarters just because I was working in the field. Sam is practical and patient, she asks questions and helps brainstorm different options and discusses how to best approach them. Every time we meet I feel more motivated, more centered and ready to take on the world. She has helped me get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself in both new personal and career paths. Some sessions help me to re-organize and re-focus, while others work to de-stress, calm down and help me to laugh more. I couldn’t have imagined getting through this transition without her.” 

   - Elyse Carter – Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Coordinator OXFAM, Barcelona Spain 

“Over the past few years I've gone through four major challenges (dramatic life-changes). I married the love of my life and started my own business whilst being based overseas. Nine months later our family grew by one, and shortly after, we moved countries. During this time Sam has provided me with the tools to better understand how to deal with all the strains by compartmentalizing everything into bite-size pieces. This ability to see things from a different perspective has been a huge help both in my professional & personal life where it has been incredibly difficult to know how to best juggle all that I had on my plate. I am grateful for Sam’s positive outlook, rational approach and ability to motivate me even during times when I was scared to take the next step.”

    - Sean Hill - Architect, London, England 

Sam provided me with astonishing insight and guidance in my professional development. She helped to identify the areas in which I needed to focus, regarding both myself and my career, while at the same time she was able to get to the core of what had been holding me back for so long. By asking the right questions at the right time, listening to the way I was answering them and giving me the opportunity to look at myself through an objective lens, she forced me to realize what I was doing wrong and to reconsider how I was approaching specific areas and how my attitude was contributing to various situations.  
    I had an incredible epiphany while working with Sam and realized what I needed to change in order to move ahead, and it was all thanks to her support and sharp questioning. Before completing our sessions, the positive effects of our work together had already become clear to myself, my peers, my subordinates as well as my my bosses.  All the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and as a result I feel like I have a much stronger basis for my current career path and where I want to go in the future.  I’m extremely grateful to Sam for the time we spent together and for the effort she made to help me in this phase of my life.

     -Edo Fiorentini - Manager, Risk and Order Management, eBay, Barcelona, Spain

I've known for a long time that I wanted to enter the helping profession but struggled to find a more specific focus. Sam provided me with the necessary insight that helped me better understand how I could use my talents in a way that would bring me self-fulfillment and satisfaction. Her guidance, expertise and intuitive sense helped me feel better prepared to take risks and provided me with a refreshing energy that I know pushed me to confidently embark on the beginning stages of my career.”

    - Laney Gold - Special Education Teacher, Toronto, Canada

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