What I Offer


There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to coaching. All packages are tailored, to meet the individual or companies' needs and there is the possibility to 'mix and match' from the below options.


All coaching conversations are 100% confidential. 


Life Coaching

One-on-one coaching for individuals. Every discussion starts with a free, 45-minute initial Discovery Chat, where we'll figure out the best route for you and uncover your coaching style. Once we've decided on an approach there are various packages from which you can choose. We'll work together as a team and I will listen to what you say and more importantly to what you don’t say. Whether you're an entrepreneur, just moved to a new city, going through a transition or feel like making a change, one-on-one coaching is a highly customized and extremely beneficial way to get to where you want to be and stay motivated. 


All sessions are conducted over the phone or via Skype or Facetime. This provides you with the luxury of being able to have the appointments in privacy,  at your convenience and makes the coaching sessions efficient and cost effective. It also allows you to contact me from anywhere in the world. 


Ask about Power Coaching, Steady Coaching and Speed Coaching options.



Executive & Corporate Coaching


Corporate and Executive Coaching focuses on helping leaders receive the necessary training they need in order to lead a group effectively. It works to identify challenges, strengths and weaknesses and provides managers with the tools in order to productively and successfully take charge of their teams and lead with respect and authenticity.
If you're a company there are various approaches we can take including one-on-one Executive coaching, middle manager roll out as well as group coaching. All packages for organizations are customised depending on the specific needs of the individuals and the team on a whole.
Ask about Executive Coaching Options for individuals as well as groups.


Close to 90% of leadership success can be attributed to Emotional Intelligence. Now, more than ever before, organizations and individuals are investing in developing their EQ's so that they can build upon the core capacities thus establishing strong, loyal and increasingly successful relationships both personally and professionally. The Emotional Intelligence Assessment Tool measures 'us in relationship', specifically tapping into our initial internal response, when we're challenged. The test has been designed by scientists and neuroscientists and the results are based entirely on concrete data. The assessment consists of a 45-minute, online test and a 1.5 hour debrief with a coach.
Ask about the test and debrief on its own or in conjunction with the coaching options above


Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Analysis


Public Speaking & Communication

 It's been said that it's simply impossible to become a great leader without being an incredibly effective communicator. Great communication is what differentiates good leaders from wonderfully successful ones. Whether you're working in the corporate world, are constantly in the spotlight, or if you play a more behind the scenes role in your business, learning how to speak, write and convey ideas, clearly, articulately, succinctly and with conviction, is of the utmost importance. I take a very hands-on approach with my clients when it comes to public speaking training. We'll video your presentations and then dissect them together, improving upon problem areas. I'll help you write your speech, compose important emails and master the art of communication.


Ask about public speaking and communication package options.